Blockchain betting solution 2.0

Bitbook is a new gambling and betting platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, combining a diverse range of betting options and gambling games into one transparent platform.

  • 10% cashback on losses

    Receive 10% of your losses transferred to your account at the end of each month!

  • Fully developed and working product

    Our platform is live and fully functioning - you can test our games and place a bet with a free demo account!

  • Strong team with longlasting experience

    We have been involved in the online gambling industry for over 15 years.

The ICO was a big success. We are listed in following exchanges:


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What is Bitbook?

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  • sports betting

    Sports Betting

  • peer-to-peer betting

    Peer-to-peer Betting

Bitbook is a new gambling and betting platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, combining a diverse range of betting options and gambling games into one transparent platform.

The future of
online gambling and betting

Bitbook solves the problems of traditional gambling and betting platforms:

  • Traditional online casinos & betting platforms

  • Poor reward systems

    No compensation system for players who are losing.

  • Unreliable transactions

    Bank transactions are slow and unreliable.

  • Low game diversity

    Traditional platforms have a low game diversity and rarely offer gambling and betting both.

  • Bitbook

  • Cashback on losses

    Bitbook provides 10% cashback on player's losses every month!

  • Fast and secure transactions

    With blockchain, banks cannot refuse transactions and block accounts!

  • One platform to unite them all

    Bitbook unifies online gambling and betting on the same platform!

ICO details

In the future, Bitbook plans to repay the community by buying out all the BXK tokens from the exchanges and burning them.

General details

Token name Bitbook Gambling
Symbol BXK
Token total 750 M
Token for ICO 420 M
% Distributed in ICO 56%
Soft Cap for ICO 60M
Smart Contract Address
Do not send funds directly to this address.
Unsold tokens All unsold tokens will be burned
    • Private-Sale 120M
    • Dates 15.01.2019 — 31.01.2019
    • Hard cap 120M BXK
    • Minimum Investment 1,000,000 BXK
    • Bonus 50%
    • Price of token 0.05 Euro
    • Pre-Sale 80M
    • Dates 01.02.2019 — 15.02.2019
    • Hard cap 80M BXK
    • Bonus 25%
    • Price of token 0.075 Euro
    • Main-Sale 220M
    • Dates 16.02.2019 — 31.03.2019
    • Hard cap 220M BXK
    • Bonus -
    • Price of token 0.10 Euro

Advantages of
the Bitbook platform

The Bitbook platform offers some unique advantages over traditional and other blockchain based gambling and betting platforms.

  • 1

    10% cashback on losses

    Bitbook is the only gambling and betting platform which offers 10% cashback on players' losses!

  • 2

    Low house cuts

    We openly disclose the house cuts on all gambling and betting games, which are among the lowest in the industry!

  • 3


    Our games are hosted through well-known third party providers who have openly disclosed their algorithms.

  • 4

    Exclusive rewards

    We offer exclusive rewards to all token holders, such as free lotteries, discounts on games and cashback rewards.

  • 5


    We designed our platform to be in accordance with the newest security standards. Moreover, we do not store any personal or payment information!

  • 6

    Bonuses for token holders

    We designed our token economics to be favorable for players and token holders by regularly reducing the tokens supply, which in turn greatly increases token value over time.


  • Preparation

    September 2018 — October 2018

    • Team building completion
    • Smart contract development
    • Security audit
    • Launch of casino and sportsbook using Bitcoin
  • First Phase

    November 2018

    • Community-building
    • Integration of the token in the sportsbook system
    • Private-Sale
    • Launch of referral/affiliate program
  • Main Phase

    November 20, 2018

    • Bounty campaigns
    • Airdrop
    • Launch of the exclusive program for losses compensation and special bonuses for token users
  • Future Development

    Q1 and Q2 2019

    • Launch of the token in casino system
    • Launch of the marketing campaign
    • Further system development
    • Release of new gaming products
    • Strategic partnerships
  • Future Development

    Q3 and Q4 2019

    • Development of peer-to-peer betting platform based on blockchain


  • Bitbook: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

    Bitbook is a global online casino and sportsbook that combines state-of-the-art IT solutions from the online gambling market with innovative Blockchain technology. The platform offers a unique betting and gambling experience to a worldwide audience of players.

    Bitbook is a sportsbook and online casino platform that compensates users for their losses with up to 10% cashback and offers them an unparalleled diversity of games and betting options. Bitbook is the only platform on the market to offer such a feature. Furthermore, the house cuts are among the lowest in the industry. Overall, Bitbook is specially designed to suit the profile of common bettors and gamblers, offering them far better returns in the long run.

    The Bitbook platform has been live since May 2018 and has established itself as a Bitcoin-only online casino amongst a worldwide audience of passionate players.

  • Who Developed Bitbook?

    The development of the Bitbook platform started in December 2016 and a team of 3 software engineers with the mission to create the leading online platform for crypto betting and gambling. We wanted to create a solution that isn’t just fairer, safer and less expensive than traditional currency sportsbooks - we wanted to provide players with better margins by paying them back through payback on losses and advanced token economic mechanisms such as buying out and burning of tokens, a measure that inevitably leads to the appreciation of the price of the BXK Token.

    Over the past 2 years, the Bitbook platform has been carefully developed - numerous tests concerning the platform’s functionality and performance were carried out. All of our efforts were directed at refining and optimizing our game algorithms and at being able to provide our users with a modern and entertaining gambling and betting experience.

    Having started with 4 employees two years ago, the Bitbook team encompassesnow 15 members, including 5 developers with a longstanding experience who continue to develop and work on new functionalities, 8 support agents for 24 hour support and the two founders.

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